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EliteCraft Rules

Click the 'Rules' tab to view the EliteCraft Server Rules. 

By playing the EliteCraft Minecraft server, you agree to follow the server rules.

 The staff issue punishments for rule breaking on an individual basis. If you have been banned or muted on EliteCraft, you may submit an appeal request for staff to review by using the links below. You can also report players suspected of breaking the rules.


Rule 1: No grief, no raids, no offensive builds. No claiming of other players' builds, chests, etc.

This one is pretty simple; if it's not natural and you didn't make it, don't touch it. This means don't break blocks on someone's build, do not ADD blocks to someone's build, do not kill their animals, do not take their crops, and do not go into their unlocked chests. Also, do not build offensive objects such as swastikas, genitalia, or spell out offensive words with blocks. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if land is unclaimed you may not grief it. If you grief builds that do not belong to you, you will be banned and your grief rolled-back.


Rule 2: Do not use profanity or inappropriate conversations.

This one is also fairly simple. This is a game that is frequently played by young children and their parents could forbid them from playing on this server if they think we allow offensive language in chat. Also not permitted is substitution of letters with an asterisk (e.g. "fudge" becomes "f*dge"). As there are players from several countries on this server, some places may consider some words profane while others do not. For this reason we have a chat filter. If you find some or all of your words being replaced by this chat filter, that's a clue not to use that word or group of words. Attempts to circumvent the filter will be considered a violation of this rule. Racial, ethnic, and homophobic slurs are all considered offensive and are not to be used on this server. Thing includes the discussion of drug use/abuse conversation within Elitecraft Game Servers, Website, or Discord Channels.


Rule 3: Respect all players and staff

By this we mean the following:

- Do not insult other players.

- Do not antagonize other players.

- Do not spam /tpa requests or randomly tp to other players continually.

- Do not spam /msg.

- If a player asks you to leave their build, do so immediately.

- If a player asks you to return their dropped items, do so immediately.

- Do not scam other players out of items or in-game money.

- Please be considerate when claiming, you are not the only one who wants to claim a beautiful landscape. Claim what you will use, Do not claim large amounts of land without using it.

-When claiming land, do not claim within 100 blocks of a player’s claim. Communicate with the player, and work out whether or not you can claim near them or not.

-Do not harass, demean, or degrade fellow players or staff.

-This includes not spamming players with irradiated items from plugins; example SlimeFun items.


Rule 4: Do not spam the chat.

By this we mean the following:

- Do not type repeated messages.

- Do not type in all caps (one word is permitted but only if there are other words in the message).

- Do not send randomized messages (e.g. avzsdiz;sODif)

- Do not send excessively multiple letters that are uneeded such as Oooooooooooo, Reeeeeeeeee, and Boooooooooo.

- Do not do countdowns.


Rule 5: English only in main chat.

This is to ensure that staff are able to enforce all chat rules. English must be spoken in main chat. You may use /m <name> to speak to privately, or our Discord server


Rule 6: Do not beg staff for promotions, items, etc.

We have lots of shops on the server where you can buy pretty much anything you may need. If the shops don't have it, there are many players who would be willing to barter with you or use in-game money to sell you anything you might need. Because of this, the staff on Elitecraft are not authorized to give away free items. Most of them can't spawn items anyway so don't ask. Also you should not beg for staff promotion. We have an application here that you can fill out if you want to join the mod staff team. Please read and follow all instructions on that page. If you do need staff assistance please use the command /modreq.


Rule 7: Do not use hacks, Exploits, Chunk Loaders, Auto Kill Mob Farms, or Anti-Afk machines (x-ray, TMI, etc.)

Because we do have an economy on this server we require all of our players to play the game fairly. This means do not use x-ray texture packs, do not use plugins to spawn items, and do not exploit bugs or use WorldEdit to score free stuff. If you have questions about the legality of a plugin, please ask before using it. Rei's Minimap, shaders, and non-default texture packs that are NOT x-ray are allowed.

Chuck Loaders fall into the category of being a glitch in the MP version of the game by tricking a server into believing those chucks should be active. As such it would become an unnecessary drain on system resources.And is classed as a anti-afk because you are gather resources while not online or in that chunk. Many servers ban chuck loaders and larger redstone devices because of the drain on system resources." Easy Place mode in Litematica is not allowed.

List of approved client side mods

If you wish for a new mod to be approved, you can request a mod be reviewed In the above thread.


Rule 8: Do not advertise other servers.

We are proud of our server. If your server is so great you can play there. If you want to advertise it, you can pay for webspace like everyone else. Also, please don't advertise our server on other servers. It's rude, reeks of desperation, and gives us a bad name.


Rule 9: Anti-drama

Do not bring drama onto our server. By this we mean the following:

- Do not argue in main chat (with staff or other players).

- Do not gossip about other players in main chat.

- Do not complain about your personal life in main chat.

- Do not threaten self-harm.

- Do not complain about server policies or staff decisions in main chat.

- Do not discuss politics in open main chat. That it to PMs, Party, or off server chats.

- Do not troll the mods/admins.

Although we can warn you about rule breaking before we take action (unless you are offline), break a rule once or twice, getting warned for it, and then moving on to break another will be considered a violation of this rule. Repeated violations of the same rule over multiple sessions will also be considered a violation of this rule.


Rule 10: Worldedit Use

Worldedit, commonly known as ”w/e” is allowed to be requested via a w/e ticket in game by all players. Tickets can be purchased using the /shop command. The purpose behind allowing players to request w/e is to: help simplify their ability to build, adjust location of a build, make multi copies of their build, or any other purpose a staff member allows. It is not to be used for copying items in storage devices, getting free material (example: Large blocks of materials), collecting for materials from w/es, or try to circumvent other rules. Inappropriate use of w/e can and/or will result in: loss of privilege, loss of items/build, ban, and/or any combo of punishment. No requesting schematic uploads.


Rule 11: Illegal Activities

Conducting any act that is unlawful or a violation of the MC ToS falls under this rule. Examples would be:


-Sexual innuendo/conversation with underage players (Or unwanted with legal ages).

Violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban without an appeal. If a player feels they did not violate this rule, then they may submit a “request of review” by an Admin, if it was an Admin that banned the player, than another Admin will conduct the review. Requests can be submitted on the Elitecraft forums “ban appeals” section following the listed format found in that sections pinned threads.


Rule 12: Adverse Conduct.

-Any conduct that is harmful or would be unfavorable to players or the server.


Warnings maybe issued before punishment is issued (except when offline). Warnings count as a rule break and can count against you when being considered for an additional warning. Breaking the same rule multiple times will result in a ban without a possible warning.

This server operates on a 3 strikes rule, meaning if you are banned 3 times the 4th banning is a permanent ban. Permanent bans may sometimes be appealable and will be stated if so. Any additional ban after the 4th is a permanent ban.

You can join our Discord using this link: https://discord.gg/E9aDCzFU6S Please follow the EliteCraft Server Discord Rules, or you may be muted or banned.

1) Listen to Staff and do what you are asked! |

Failure to listen to our staff, gets people nowhere and will only result in you being punished.

2) NO Abusive or disrespectful behavior. |

Abuse towards ANYONE on the server is not tolerated. This includes any form of racism,

homophobia or sexism. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

3) Don't spam chat. |

You are not to repeat yourself unnecessarily.

This also includes using the bots in the wrong channel, please use #bot-channel #music, instead of⁠♦general♦ etc, when using or the music bot.

4) Do not use Profanity. |

Note: This rule has some leeway, meaning occasional swearing is fine in context. However please

keep it moderate, If you are asked to tone it down, please do.

5) No Advertising of other servers. |

We are proud of our server. If you want to advertise your own server, you can pay for webspace like everyone else. Also, please don't advertise our server on other servers as it is rude to do so. 

6) Keep all content in the NSFW channel aka ⁠images-and-memes-🔞, in that channel! |

We have provided a NSFW (Not safe for work) text channel which you can request an 18+ role for. Every other channel is to be treated as family friendly, so please keep 18+ discussion in this channel. ensure your content and discussions are in the right place. 

7) Keep profiles appropriate |

No hate symbols, no nudity, no gore. You will be warned and asked to change your nickname or

avatar. If you do not you will be Kicked and/or Banned.

8) Bans |

Bans aren't to be discussed on Discord - If you have been banned, than you can appeal the ban at https://elitecraft.net/bans



✔️ Don't play offensive/inappropriate songs, anything pornographic.

✔️ The music bot is allowed on all voice channels but if you wish to only hear the

music bot than use "Music Only" channel, since that channel will mute all people in it.


These are our Discord rules. If you are banned from the EliteCraft Minecraft Server you may also be banned from our Discord server.