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Huge thanks to everyone who wish to donate.

If you already have a premium rank, and you wish to upgrade, but for some reason you cannot purchase your upgrade on the store, you can donate here to upgrade, paying the amount that your rank upgrade would cost.

Figure this out like so: (The cost of the rank you want - the cost of the rank you already have = the price you should pay for this item)

For example, you have the VIP rank and wish to upgrade to King, King rank costs £29.99, and VIP costs £9.99 so the cost to upgrade from VIP to King = £20. 

Once you have donated for a rank upgrade, alert a member of staff in-game using /modreq manual upgrade and your rank will be given to you within 24 hours.

You can also make custom donations to the server here, to gain rewards for all players in-game.

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