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EliteCraft Discord and Socials
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3 months ago


Elitecraft has a Discord server which is the main place of discussion about EliteCraft, here we post announcements about server updates, events, and have voice and text channels. 

You can join the server with this link



Elitecraft has a YouTube channel at ElitecraftOfficial https://www.youtube.com/@ElitecraftOfficial4 where we occasionally post server trailers and server related videos 


We are also on TikTok at @elitecraftuk https://www.tiktok.com/@elitecraftuk 


If you would like to submit any Minecraft or EliteCraft related content for us to upload to any of our social media please reach out to us.


We love to welcome new players on the server, who can find the server through our social media or most often from advertisements or server listings that can be seen at elitecraft.net/vote


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