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Frequently asked questions
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Can I destroy other players builds on EliteCraft?


Destroying other players builds is considered griefing, which is strictly not allowed on our server, even if the land is unclaimed. If you destroy another players build, you will be banned and the grief will be undone. We have claiming in the server because minecraft doesn’t auto-claim every block you place, so it is all manually done. So, even if something is NOT claimed and clearly unnatural, do NOT touch it!


Can I kill other players on EliteCraft?

We are a PvE survival server, which means there is no PvP in the majority of the server, however there is PvP in certain, clearly marked areas such as the PvP arena at /warp pvp, /warp pvpTown, or in the nether/end.


 How do I claim land?

A guide to land claiming can be found here on our forum, you can also use /protect in-game for a video tutorial.


Can I use Optifine or other mods?

See our list of approved mods here - unapproved mods can result in a permanent ban from our server.


How do I rank up on EliteCraft?

If you are a new player, you should rank up automatically through playtime, all the way up to Elite, type /ar check in-game to see your playtime. We have several ranks further than Elite for sale at elitecraft.net/store with many more fun features and benefits.


 How do I set a warp for my town?


Make one modreq where you want the warp set with the name of the warp included by typing "/modreq /warp (warp name)" at the location you want the warp set. You should also add details of what the warp is for in the request. There are certain criteria that the warp needs to meet, we will only create warps for decent towns with >6 residents, or spectacular builds.


How do I become staff on EliteCraft?


You can apply for a helper role here on our website. Though you must have at least 24 hours playtime and be at least 15 to qualify to become Helper. If you go above and beyond as Helper, you may have the opportunity to become Trial-Mod, and eventually Mod.


What Minecraft version is the server running?


We update to the latest version of Minecraft as soon as possible, it typically 4-6 weeks for the server to be updated when a new Minecraft update is released. We have 50 plugins to improve the vanilla Minecraft multiplayer experience.


I'm banned/muted on EliteCraft, how do I get unbanned/unmuted?


You can appeal a ban or mute on our rules page, where you can submit a ban appeal for staff to review.



What commands can I use in the server?


We suggest you check out our full command list that you can view here on our forums, or by using /help in-game at anytime. Find your rank on this page at elitecraft.net/commands and see what you can do! We add new commands to our collection of ranks all the time.


Thank you for playing EliteCraft!

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